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Leadership: Things I’ve learnt, and things I believe

Reflections on a year of being medsoc president at the greatest med school in the world. 
Someone asked me once what my secret to leadership was. I didn’t tell him this, but I’ve pretty much made so many mistakes that I had to start getting things right eventually. This is a list for John, and advice for anyone who wants to be a leader. This is essentially everything I know about leadership.
Intimidation has no place in leadership.
My concept of leadership is a bit different to some people’s and a huge influence on the sort of leader I am was being terribly bullied in high school. I think if you spend your teenage years hiding in the library at lunchtime and hoping there won’t be a death threat in your locker when you open it – you grow up to be an adult who would rather die than intimidate anyone. If someone on my committee was scared to talk to me, I think I’ve failed as a leader.
Being approachable has been my trademark and I really think that if you listen and acknowledge people you…