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My horrible secret

I have a shocking confession to make - I have depression. You probably think I’m crazy for admitting that, right? I’d have to be crazy to suggest I wasn’t absolutely perfect, wouldn’t I? Because we are all perfect, aren’t we? Type A personalities. Successful. Perfect Grades. Big Career Goals… ‘Depressed’ doesn’t exactly fit onto that list. Of all people, I would know. I’ve spent the last 5 years very successfully hiding it. No one would believe I have depression – I was president of my medsoc and on every committee imaginable, have a huge group of friends and amazing parents. I get good grades, won a scholarship to Kings College London and received the prize for contributing the most to my medicine cohort. I have nice hair, perfectly applied makeup, expensive clothes and I have never, ever worn trackpants in my life. My life might look perfect; but until 12 months ago, I was so miserable I could barely breathe. I had worse depression than I’d ever read