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How to sit through a lecture on a condition you have

This is a lecture I wish I'd received at the start of medical school. It's one of those lessons I've had to learn by been thrown into the deep end and experiencing some of the most uncomfortable moments imaginable. I hope this article means you wont be the student who leaves the lecture theatre crying, but even more, I hope it means you won't be the student who make a harsh generalisation about a condition that statistically someone in your classroom has. 1. Selectively disclose your condition This needs to be judged for each situation. With full respect to the girl in my first year lecture who announced to the theatre of 300 people that she had endometriosis, I personally believe in disclosure to a small group setting is important but disclosure to large groups isn't always required. I wish that being in the medical field meant there was no judgement, but I'm realistic. When you tell someone you have a condition, they will judge you on some level. I sin