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It's not 'lady doctor', it's doctor

The Age published an article this week that has made the medical community livid. Dr Gabrielle McMullin, a Sydney vascular surgeon, is being berated for the following statement "Sexism is so rife amongst surgeons in Australia that young women in the field should probably just accept unwanted advances"   Her comments relate to a female surgical trainee ‘Caroline’, who reported her senior for sexual harassment, and has since been unable to find work in a public hospital.  Let’s not kid ourselves that Caroline's story is an isolated case. We simply know about her case because she took the advice we all shouted at our computer screens when we read Dr McMullin’s comments. Unlike most sexual assault victims, Caroline was empowered to make a report, even though it meant reporting someone directly senior to her. Caroline did exactly what we hope our sisters and daughters would do should (God forbid) they find themselves in this situation. However in an awful, but n