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Doctors share their tweet-sized mental health stories

A recent discussion through a series of tweets started something wonderful. In response to our dear twitter friend @ERGoddessMD sharing her brave mental health story here , a discussion about doctor's mental health began. @iGas2 and myself (with some creative help from @_thezol) dreamed up a hashtag doctors could use to share their tweet-length mental health struggles & triumphs. The hashtag #MH4Docs (mental health for doctors) was thus  born. I didn't think we'd get this large response - from medical students, to registrars, to consultants in all fields of medicine, from all around the world. This is the reminder you needed that (despite how it may seem) we all struggle. Whether it's with that nagging social anxiety, those antidepressants no one knows about, the struggle to keep your head above water during exam time, or how much you need cycling to stay sane. Despite the fact that we might look like perfect, type A,  overachievers; doctors are human to